In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, more and more companies are realising that being sustainable is more than an environmental gesture—it makes long-term economic sense.  So whether you’re looking to improve your business’ bottom line and save costs, or whether you’re trying to foster a more positive brand reputation, working sustainably can only benefit your organisation.

Eco Film Productions Ltd (EFP), founded by Dorset-based media producer Rachel Brown, is a business making a difference. Working sustainably is more than just ticking a box and adhering to a checklist. It’s about truly committing your business to an environment that is not harmed, a future that is renewable and a legacy that lasts.

That’s why Eco Film Productions aims to deliver completed projects, consulting advice and supplier management services in line with sustainable business practice. We work with you, wherever you may be on the sustainability ladder. Whether you’re dipping your toe in the water, or whether your organisation has been practicing sustainable business practices for many years, the Eco Film Productions team will walk alongside you and guide you to where you need to be.



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