Katy Roberts

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahcaaaajdu4nwq4y2ixltezmjgtngu4zc05nwy0lwi0ytzinmnizdfmzaKaty Roberts joined forces with the Eco Film Productions crew in the early stages of the company launch.

Running her own Marketing consultancy business called Fresh Brew Marketing, Katy has been excited to work alongside the Eco Film Productions team to build and launch an exciting new business to the market. Katy believes in supporting businesses who are taking the initiative to build local community, drive environmental issues forward and make a difference.

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Katy brings an extensive history of marketing knowledge with her and has had the opportunity to work in a number of industries and vertical markets – allowing her to showcase her talents and develop industry knowledge in order to build and develop the businesses she works with.

Involved in a number of initiatives, Katy is a member of the Silicon Cape Initiative –  a community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC’s who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles they play in the future of South Africa.  Also a selected member of Ada’s List (Influential Women in Tech), Katy believes in the power of the network and is proud to be able to support Eco Film Productions as they embark on an exciting new journey.

cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“Katy is a creative thinker and proven to be able to deliver engaging and creative social media campaigns and content that makes a difference.”JACKY LOK, Canon UK