Supply Chain Management


We all need that Go-To person. We have a goal in mind – and we know what it needs to look like, but sometimes being able to source the team to deliver that becomes the hurdle that prevents the entire project from moving forward. Thats’ why you need to use Eco Film Productions. ¬†Our network of film industry professionals are able to delivery anything from sound crew to costume fitters and drivers. Why work with hundreds of suppliers, when you can work with just one who gets the job done for you?

Our supply chain management services means that you have what you need, when you need it, in order for you to deliver a project that has impact, delivers your message and most of all, is sustainably produced.

Our supplier liaison services include:

  • Sourcing local, sustainable suppliers when you need them, wherever you need them: Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint by sourcing local producers and suppliers who will deliver the best quality of work to compliment your production.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability effort: Already have a list of suppliers? Not a problem! Why not have us asses the sustainability of your supplier network. Our services also include working with your suppliers, on your behalf, in order for them to become adopt sustainable working ethics rendering your final project a wholly sustainable solution?

How does a completely sustainable supply chain sound? We can get you there.