Sustainability in digital technology

JD3D’s impact on Sustainability by Justin Dowling

JD3D is a small boutique 3D graphics and animation company – specialising in pre-visualising products before they are created in real life. We also specialise in “explainer” animations – helping businesses to communicate complex ideas to consumers or other businesses.

I myself am the director and sole full time artist at JD3D.

JD3D as a company exists almost entirely digitally – virtually every single input and output to and from us is digital in nature. Therefore other than basic office amenities and energy useage, JD3D is completely sustainable.

The main reason for JD3D’s sustainability behaviour is an extension of the “paperless” office concept. Everything can be done on-line these days – so there is no need for wasteful and inefficient paper usage.

Why send letters and print out documents when that data can be instantly accessible, shareable, and searchable from any electronic device?

Additionally, there are many other simple ways we can maximise our sustainability – such as choosing a Skype video conference instead of meeting in person.

Modern software gives us many options for collaborative remote working – and I am always happy to hire freelancers who will work from home.

The only other way it is possible for JD3D to affect sustainability is by limiting energy usage – and this means prudent use of computing power, and choosing computer systems that are energy efficient and shut off when not in use.

I feel that sustainability in my line of work is simply a result of openly embracing a modern, efficient working environment

In addition to the ‘paperless’ ethos of JD3D – I personally ride a bicycle to work every day, or use public transport when necessary.

It is possible for me to make choices regarding riding a bike instead of using a car, choosing green energy suppliers, and refusing to eat meat – but ultimately the nature of my business and my lifestyle means that making ethical and sustainable decisions is easier than ever.

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