cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“It was a pleasure to work with Rachel. She is an enabler who is able to work effectively as a team player and to take the lead when needed. There was a lot to manage within this project from recruiting and matching 15 students to teams; setting up contracts; ensuring that the resources met the expectations of the range of people involved and all within a tight timescale and budget. Throughout this process Rachel remained calm, in control, organised, enthusiastic and committed. As a result the project ran smoothly and was highly evaluated by all involved. She is an asset to any team and I wish her all the best for her future career.”

DR MEL HUGHES, Senior lecturer and Academic lead for service user and carer involvement, Faculty of Health and Social Science

cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“Rachel has made a number of promotional short films for our company. As well as undertaking the filming and editing, she managed the whole process including making recommendations for the script and organising a voiceover. Rachel interacted well with the company staff throughout the process and ensured all were at ease during the filming. She was herself equally comfortable with her personnel interactions with those staff, ranging from the Company Directors downwards. We are extremely pleased with the end results and have received positive feedback from clients and staff alike. We will be inviting her back for the next phase of our filming”

NEIL DOUGLAS, Managing Director, Viper Subsea Technology Ltd

cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“If you want something done properly call Rachel!
For two years Rachel has shown that she is the go-to person for managing productions, handling everything including the kitchen sink thrown at her and still she keeps going. She’s Robo-cop for filmmaking, but with a friendly face that makes all her team members warm to her and want to work hard for her.
Not only that but her productions are highly accomplished and professional too. The shooting, editing, sound, lighting, music – the whole package is produced with the client’s needs foremost in her mind, making media work that helps a company’s profile and shows them in the best possible light.
Rachel is not only a first-class manager of media work but gets right into the heart of the production, multi-tasking by handling many technical aspects herself, and aiming for the highest standards.
Rachel has very much got the full complement of skills right now – with the foresight to keep a project on track and the hard work and energy to make it what the client needs.
I can thoroughly recommend her for any project”

RUSS EVANS, Media Lecturer and freelance writer

cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“I am a well travelled, retired GP and I met Rachel several years ago, when she came to give me lessons on how to use my laptop.
Since then Rachel has introduced me to new technologies and has kept me on my toes with the latest camera equipment and mobile devices which has enhanced my trips abroad and has helped manage my transactions and documentation.
Rachel is patient, articulate and fun. She sets out to make learning as easy as possible without bombarding me with technological jargon. She adapts her teaching method to match my knowledge and, to broaden my understanding, she customises step by step guides in a language I can understand.
Rachel has converted me from working with a laptop to using a Mac. This was so she could connect all my devices to communicate with each other for which I am grateful. This now means, more often than not, our time is spent blog writing, photo editing and downloading music.”


cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“Rachel attended our short film production shoot on July 1st and 2nd and was very helpful in solving a number of technical IT and logistical problems. She also undertook a continuity role, ensuring that each shot matched the storyboard and the intentions of the director. In addition she volunteered to create first edit, using her editing skills and experience. I can fully recommend her as a positive and skilful crew member that would enhance any production shoot.”


cropped-EFP_fullOrangeMotif.png“Rachel has been pleasure to teach over the past year and working alongside Rachel has shown me how professional and eager she is to gain a career in production.”

DEAN FERRIS, Lecturer and Producer