The story of Earth Day

Earth Day (22 April, annually), is one example – and possibly the most successful example – of a movement making a stand. In 1970, 20 million Americans protested peacefully by picking up litter, planting trees, dancing and performing theatre shows in order to raise awareness for a sustainable environment. Through this one event, the environmental movement entered mainstream consciousness.

Earth Day embodied the fear that human activities were destroying the planet, and it showed that millions of Americans were determined to clean up the mess. It also uncorked a steady stream of major environmental legislation that did not slow down for 10 years (New York State archives, 2001).

By the end of 1970, Earth Day had inspired the U.S. Congress to create the “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)” and pass the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts.  Twenty years later, the first International Earth Day pressurised further governments to participate in the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to tackle issues such as climate change, which resulted in a boost in worldwide recycling efforts.  Earth Day will be marking it’s 50th anniversary in 2020 and it continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion and motivate people to action.

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