What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon Offsetting is the use of carbon credits to enable businesses to compensate for their emissions, meet their carbon reduction goals and support the move to a low carbon economy. More specifically, it’s the undertaking of sustainable activity to compensate for the release of carbon dioxide through human activity.  By removing the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide in various ways, this makes the activity “Carbon Neutral”.

Let’s look at Travel as an example.

For example, 1000 miles’ air travel equates to 5.82 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Let’s break that down even more.

1000 miles’ air travel equates to 29.1 trees that would need to be planted to neutralise the activity. (Carbonify, 2016).

Stop for a second, and consider your own business. How are you offsetting your carbon footprint?

Some may recycle, while others run car-sharing schemes for our employees. All of that being wonderful in the battle against carbon-excess. But the notion of offsetting could be perceived as somewhat controversial too because it allows organisations (and in some cases, countries) who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, to purchase carbon reductions from other parts of the world. Some may consider this to be the easy way out rather than actively saving carbon emissions in the first place.

So how are you, as a business person or organisation as a whole, actively looking to save on your own carbon emissions?

Eco Film Productions’ consulting and advisory services offer you the chance to get yourself up to speed, quickly, and ultimately save money, reduce your carbon footprint and play your social responsibility part on the impact of humanity on the environment.

So why not make 2017 the year you get serious about climate change in your organisation.

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