What’s Motorsparks Ltd’s impact on Sustainability?

Denny Roberts, of Motorsparks Ltd, recently shared his story on the impact his business has on sustainability.  Here’s what he writes: 

I drive for a living. That’s not my business, but it’s a huge part of my business. I’m a mobile auto-electrician, servicing both B2B and B2C customers – which means that I go to them, to provide my services. And usually, that sees me spending up to 5 or 6 hours in the car, every day of the working week.  I fill up my company car’s tank weekly, sometimes twice weekly, I usually sit in rush-hour traffic in order to get to my first job. So looking at my business, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the mere definition of being a mobile anything, isn’t all that sustainable.

You would be wrong, however.

Sustainability is very important to the way that I live, and the job that I do. Although the practicalities of working life sometimes dictates the way I need to deliver a service, there are little things that I can do in my business that reduces the harmful effect I may have on my environment.   Here’s why:

I operate paper-free as much as I can.

iphone-410324_1280Every single job that I do, requires me to fill in a job sheet that the customer signs off on. Because I provide a service to organisations within the fleet telematics industry, they often require customer authorisation once the work has been completed. For many of the jobs I do, I capture all the details and information I need for that work, via mobile and web applications – which automatically send all the information I need, and the information that my clients need, through to their inboxes.  For those situations where I am unable to completely run paper-free, I ensure that the paper I use is paper which has been recycled or re-used wherever possible, and that the ink cartridges I use are recycled.  At the end of the working day, any information that needs to be sent back to the client is done via the Cloud – reducing any unnecessary postage or additional administration – which naturally have knock-on effects on our carbon footprint.

I use fuel – but drive economically. 

speed-1249610__480The company vehicle that I use is a commercial van. It needs to be – in order to carry the necessary equipment around that enables me to do my job.  Until recently, the option for a well-performing hybrid commercial van has not been at the top of motor companies’ agendas. And many of us have been dependent on either petrol or diesel vehicles. “Well, that’s the end of it,” I hear you say. Anything but.  Owning a petrol or diesel car doesn’t necessarily mean that you automatically produce the same amount of harmful effects and polutions. The impact you have as a driver on the environment  (whether you’re driving a 30-ton truck or a Nissan Micra) is largely down to the way that you drive.  Yes, most of the articles you read today which talk about driving more “economically” refer to saving money – and that’s a big positive. However, it’s about so much more than that.  Ever heard about harsh braking and harsh acceleration? Ever heard about Drag effects on your car? Ever heard about Under Inflation? All of these, and more, are little things that every single driver can improve on – which ultimately reduces the amount of fuel used, and lowers the impact that your driving style has on the environment. Here’s a great article about more of this.

The core of the service I provide is all about Sustainability

range-rover-2015672_1280A large part of what Motorsparks does is to provide and supply to the Fleet Telematics industry – those black boxes that you install into your vehicle to monitor your location, how fast you drive, how well you drive, when you have an accident, and more. “But it’s just a big brother system watching me”, I hear you say. Not at all. The need to know where our loved ones are, the need to know where our assets are, the need to understand the way we behave, has all become common topic.  Insurance companies reduce your insurance premiums if you have a black box installed.  New Drivers are able to learn about best practices when driving. But most of all – this technology is able to provide you with (almost instant) feedback about how well (or not so well) you’re driving.  Yes, it saves you money on fuel – but it also reduces your vehicle’s wear and tear, it lowers your costs and protects your vehicle for longer periods of time, it enables you to develop better driving habits. All of this radically reduces the impact that you have on your environment.

In every little way, each of us has a role to play. And at Motorsparks, we’re proud to do what we can to leave a green and healthy legacy for our children.

For more about us, visit www.motorsparks.com 

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